Under Thinking and a Missed Opportunity

This could only happen to me.  As I turned the corner at the end of an aisle in the grocery store today I nearly bumped into a very attractive young woman who I was certain is a co-worker.  With a great deal of genuine enthusiasm I said something like “Hey, how are you?  Good to see you.”  She responded in similar fashion, leading me to believe it was who I thought it was, although I couldn’t quite remember her name at that second.  She did look a little different that Meghan but I assumed that was because Meghan is usually dressed up and not ‘weekend casual’.

A few minutes later I saw her again and with all the enthusiasm and confidence I have around people I work with I asked “So how are things?”, to which she replied “Things are great.  How about with you?”  I went on to say something about being new to the neighborhood and always thinking I’ll eventually run into people I know.  She agreed.  Neither of us made reference to work so I thought maybe she wasn’t sure it was me because she’s never seen me with the goatee.  And I was starting to doubt she was Meghan.

Let me point out that if I see an attractive woman I don’t know who I might want to meet, I usually over think what I might say.  I’ll come up with something lame that sounds like a pickup line and the conversation will usually end with that.  I also do the wedding ring check.  OK, so I’m an optimist with a clumsy streak.

So as I finished unloading my basket in the checkout line, I turned and realized she was right behind me.  She saw me and said “You again.  Hi again.”  She asked me which of the two nearby communities I live in and said “Welcome to the neighborhood.  I’m Trisha, by the way.”  My ‘out loud’ response was “Hi I’m Bernie.”  In my head I was saying, well it’s not Meghan.  It IS a very attractive, friendly woman who I never would have had such an incredible conversation with if I had thought about it in advance.  And I probably just blew chance for a second meeting by not even thinking about suggesting it.  And I didn’t do the wedding ring check.

Chances are she is married, partly because of the part of the neighborhood she lives in is mostly families.  But unless I run into her again by some miracle, I’ll never know.  Possible blown opportunity.  Great story though.


elizinashe said…
this is a fantastic story. perhaps it's a sign of things to come....just sayin'....