Reverend Gunman

This gun control debate is freakin’ ridiculous, full of loud-mouthed extremists who aren’t thinking through their vocal stand on the issue.  When they shut up, there are others, many of whom I normally respect, who speak some of the same contradictory commentary about guns.

 I just watched a TV report about a pastor in DC who is a vocal proponent of arming the population.  He said something to the effect of “God expects us to protect our families by any means necessary, including guns.”  What happened to “thou shalt not kill?” Doesn’t God expect that?  Contradiction.  Let’s see if I have this right … religious Bible-quoters who believe in literal interpretations of the Bible somehow miss the point that there are only ten commandments, and one of them says don’t kill anybody.  It doesn’t say ‘don’t kill anybody except for the guy who might hurt you or break into your house?'  Those same people would use the Bible to justify their belief that homosexuality and abortion are wrong … but shooting an intruder is not wrong?  Contradiction.

I have contradictory beliefs too.  I admit it.  On one hand I support the right to bear arms.  On the other hand, I wish guns were totally outlawed, completely unaccepted in our culture.  I also know that will never happen.  I accept homosexuality and have several gay friends.  But I think it is choice not biology and most of them would disagree.  I also know gays who are in committed, long-term relationships that have outlasted my marriages, I am very happy for them and I believe they should have the right to marry.  Don’t tell me the Bible outlaws this; it doesn’t.  Abortion is a horrible thing but I support the right of a woman to choose to have one.  I got a girl pregnant once; she chose to abort, without a discussion with me.  Had we talked about it, I might have suggested another option.  But I supported her choice.  Contradiction.

What pisses me off about the gun discussion is the self-righteous attitude of the loudest of those who oppose any form of control.  When I see a Facebook post linking to the story of somebody who stopped a robbery because they had a gun, my first reaction is to find a link to the story of somebody who shot their Mother or wife thinking she was an intruder.  Or the 4-year-old who killed his brother while playing with Daddy’s loaded gun in the house.  The robbery-stopper is not a reason to advocate gun rights and the accidental shooting of a spouse is not a reason to advocate outlawing guns.  Balance is the solution here.  Gun regulation, not elimination.  And nobody needs an automatic rifle with a 30-round ammo clip.  Just stop it.  There is nothing you can say to make me accept that.

I saw a story recently about a town that passed a law requiring every citizen in that town to have a gun.  WTF?!  I’d move.  Telling me I have to own a gun is just as bad as telling me I cannot own one.  Those same citizens would likely be the first to say they don’t want government controlling their lives … but wait, government just told them they have to own a gun.  Contradiction.

This whole thing is escalating beyond anything resembling reasonable.