Just Some More Random Stuff

I am more adventurous than I seem to be and sometimes, just when you think you have me figured out, I’ll do something that surprises, shocks or annoys you.  But all things considered, I am mostly a ‘what you see is what you get’ man.  I’m not sure what surprises people more as people get to know me better … that I am sometimes adventurous or that I am reliable over the long haul.

On Sunday night I had dinner with a friend who I had not seen in twenty years.  We used to work together, spoke on the phone a couple of time since, but had no other contact from the 1990s until we found each other on Facebook last year.  Invited her to dinner as part of my ‘catching up with old friends’ mission.  We talked for three hours and barely started our catching up.  Biggest surprise of the conversation? She said she had a crush on me back when we worked together.  Haven’t heard anything like that in a long time, if ever.  I sort of felt that way about her at the time too, but we were both involved with other people then.  Not now, but NO, nothing will come of this … other than another meal full of catching up. It did feel good to hear that though.

Sometimes when I know I’m right about something, it pisses me off that I can’t convince someone else that I am right.  My current boss is one of my favorite bosses ever but sometimes she completely dismisses my opinion on certain things.  It doesn’t happen often and we have a high degree of mutual respect.  But sometimes I’m right and she isn’t … and it doesn’t matter because she is the boss and I am not.

I can’t believe my four-year-old computer is crapping out on me.  Maybe it’s five years old.  It still shouldn’t be crapping out on me.  I will probably get a new one, maybe this week.  There are laptops in the $400 range that have better specs than this one does.  I paid at least three times that amount for this one.  I should probably just plan on buying a new one every three or four years.  That sucks.

This is post #1006 on this blog.  I meant to celebrate the 1000th but I forgot.

I have a business meeting in New York City next month; it’s an annual thing related to a work team I’m on.  After last year’s meeting I promised myself that I would add a couple of days to the trip this time and do some personal sightseeing.  BUT I probably won’t because hotels in NYC are stupidly expensive and although I would spend the money anyway, I have other financial priorities ahead of that.  Being a responsible adult is a pain in the butt sometimes, isn’t it?

OK, enough about me.  Your turn.  Write some random stuff in the Comments section or better than that, write on your blog (and tell me where it is so I can read it).