A Regular

Becoming a regular at a bar is an interesting experience for me.  I haven’t done this in decades.  But I am just regular enough at one of my neighborhood establishments that some of the staff knows my name and my usual drink preference.  That’s a cool feeling.

And that was my plan.  It worked.

So tonight I went there for a glass of wine and dinner.  Two hours and three glasses of wine later I left with some of the most amazing conversations ringing in my head.  Nice chats with the bartendender/co-owner and three sets of customers.  I tried something on the menu I hadn’t tried before and it was pretty good.  One of the customer chats was with two interns from my work whom I had not met before, even though their work spot in the office is within fifty feet of my office.  Great conversation with two young ladies at the end of college and beginning of their potential careers – very cool experience hearing their perspective.

I would not call myself a barfly but it is actually a little out of my norm to hang out at a bar.  Alone.  I haven’t really done this much since college.  But this place is especially friendly and it feeds my intense curiosity about people.

Anyway, I am now writing this as I wind down and, well, sober up so I can get some sleep.  Long day tomorrow but fortunately with an intended late start.  And I’ll probably be at my ‘joint’ again tomorrow night.  I really am a regular now.  Cheers!