Almost a Challenge

It is almost a challenge to feel this happy.  My life is definitely moving in the direction I envisioned for several years.  Each time I take another step toward ‘living the dream’ I realize I really am living my dream.  There have been a few stumbles and obstacles but I have mostly succeeded at the beginning stages of every endeavor.  Happy, happy, happy … which has not been my norm for a long time.

I surprised my boss the other day.  I showed her this picture of me and my new guitar and told her I am starting lessons in a few weeks.  She smiled and said something to the effect of ‘you are really living the life you always wanted.’  Yes, I am.  Wow.  I can hardly believe it myself.

Oh yeah, I bought a guitar last week.  Did I mention that?  And signed up for lessons at a place in my very walkable neighborhood.  Call it another thing that has fallen into place.

Did you read my last blog post?  I did email one of my cousins on the west coast and they officially invited me to stay with them on my train adventure next year.

I am on the verge of signing up for Italian lessons, something I started a few years ago but had to temporarily give up for scheduling reasons.  That obstacle might be gone now.  I’ll know soon.

My plan to find my own version of “Cheers” is working out nicely.  Everybody knows my name … ok, many people there know my name, including most of the staff and some of the regular customers.  That was the plan.  It’s working.  These are really D level friends at this point, but it’s a start, the beginning of my own ‘community’.

I share all of this in part to inspire you if you are on a similar self-discovery journey.  I really do believe a person can achieve whatever he or she wants to, or at least an acceptable version of their dream.  Maybe reading about someone else’s success can help you.