Managers of the world, remember that each employee is different and each responds in their own way. One management technique does not work for every subordinate. I know because I've been a manager. I wish I knew better when I was.

Here is how to manage me: tell me what you want in great detail, explain how my part fits in with the overall objective, give me hard deadlines and praise the hell out of me when I get it right.  Don't assume I can read your mind, although I probably can; just don't assume it. Don't try to intimidate me; I will challenge myself a lot harder than you will ever challenge me. If the job can be done, I will get the job done. If getting the job done exceeds my current skill set, I'll figure out how to do it anyway.  If I need direction, I'll ask. And I take direction well if I think you know what you're talking about.

By the way, this strategy is also how to manage me if I am your customer, your friend or your lover. I might be complicated but in a very basic way.