Random, Because That’s What This Blog Is

My random commentary is usually different after two glasses of wine than when completely sober.  So here goes, totally random …

My goal of being a regular at a local adult beverage establishment is succeeding.  I’ve been there just enough times over the past two months that many employees and a few customers know me by name.  That was the idea.  Feeling good about that.
Saw one of my favorite local blues bands tonight at a free outdoor performance in my neighborhood.

Got drunk with one of my visiting friends last Sunday.  Wow, were we drunk!  It was fun, maybe more for me than for her because she had a hangover the next day and I did not.  But I remember it all and we were laughing, watching a Tina Turner concert on a cable TV channel.  The day began with a drink or two at brunch, a couple of drinks at my favorite local place, a shared bottle of wine at home, then another one.  No driving was involved after the second drink of the day and we didn’t do anything stupid to or with each other or anyone else.  We just had a totally comfortable, fun time.  I want more of that.
Some of my Facebook friends are posting shit that I don’t want to read, especially crap about religion and guns.  Uninformed bullshit about religions other than their own and rah rah Second Amendment rallying messages making it look like owning killing devices is somehow a necessary component of being a true patriot.  Bullshit on both.  Geez.  A definite challenge to the First Amendment in my opinion.

This time next week I’ll be at a Keith Urban concert.  He is one of my favorites.
A week from tomorrow I’ll be on the beach in Virginia hanging out with my cousins.  I’m looking forward to that.  It’s always a good time there.

I thought I had more to say tonight but I don’t.  Bye.  Thanks for visiting.