Some Random Musings

The situation in Syria is horrible.  Should the USA react with military action?  No!  Certainly not alone.  MAYBE we could be part of an international operation, but we should not go it alone.  Who made us the world’s enforcer?  Someone in Syria used chemical weapons on the population, but it is not irrefutably clear who did it.  Do we really need another Iraq?

Labor Day Weekend is a psychological turning point.  For older adults it brings back memories of ‘back to school’.  It is the borderline between summer and fall.  We celebrate working by not working.  But Labor Day doesn’t have an icon.  Easter has a bunny, Christmas has Santa, Independence Day has Uncle Sam but Labor Day has nobody.  Food for thought.

I read an article yesterday about the positive side of choosing single as a lifestyle.  Have you ever noticed that when a relationship ends, all your friends and family dive into finding somebody for you?  Or they ask if you’re seeing someone?  Or they suggest dating web sites.  They assume you want to find someone right away, that you don’t want to be single.  This article makes a good case for choosing single, especially if you’re over 50 and have a record of failed relationships.  Like me.  I am great in a relationship, up to a point, but maybe I am one of those people destined to be single.  Maybe I am fine with that.  What about you?

I want a new ride, even though I do not need one.  My aging Honda is just fine, even at 149,500 miles.  Nothing is wrong with it.  It is almost a luxury car, it is both fast and economical and it looks pretty good despite my relatively lazy attitude toward taking care of it.  In my youth, I changed cars every year or two.  Sometimes I bought brand new vehicles, sometimes used cars or trucks.  Now I average just over five years per vehicle and I haven’t purchased a brand new one since 1994.  Realistically I need to squeeze one more year out of this one.  Stay tuned.

There are 121 days left in 2013 but I can already proclaim this as one of the best five years of my life.  Two of my best friends visited me and sampled my new life for a few days each, I visited one of my favorite cousins for a couple of days, visited New York City twice, I’ve begun to make new friends in my new neighborhood … all good things.  Awesome and incredible experiences for me.  People who know me well can see the positive changes in me.  Maybe 2013 is my lucky number.