What The Hell Is Wrong With Them?

Today’s mood: I hate people.  Normally I love people, I love people watching, I love studying people, I love being around people.  But not today.  Something is just wrong in the air today and I hope it all just goes away tonight so that tomorrow is better.

But it won’t.  Not soon anyway.  So I might just have to change my attitude.  Or my mood.

There are more than seven billion of us on the planet so is seems like we should try to get along.   We should treat each other with respect.  We should help each other when we can.  But every day, especially today, I encounter people who are so self-absorbed that they just don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves.  They don’t think through their actions, they don’t pay any attention to how their actions will affect other people and they pay little attention to other people around them.

Two examples from my day, one at the beginning and one near the end …

Rude drivers, inconsiderate bullying drivers, dangerous drivers dominated my ride into my office this morning.  I normally don’t work on Sunday but I had to go in today.  I was cut off at least six times in twenty-four minutes.  Bullies.

Rude grocery shoppers, inconsiderate block-the-aisles-with-their carts shoppers stopped next to another stopped shopper in an aisle just wide enough for two carts.  They could have moved up five more feet and moved their cart out of the way to let another shopper, me, pass by but noooooo.  This happened at least five or six times in thirty minutes.  And the grocery store wasn’t even that crowded.  And mid-aisle displays plus store employees stocking shelves added to the bullshit.  And this inconsiderate behavior continued in the parking lot with people taking up more than one space for their vehicle and leaving carts in the grass instead of walking five spaces over to the covered ‘leave carts here’ place in the parking lot.  See the pictures.

When did people stop paying attention to what’s going on around them?  When did people become so inconsiderate?  And don’t tell me this only happens in the self-absorbed Washington DC area. During the past ten years or more I’ve seen this behavior in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Birmingham, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Las Vegas.  Just big cities?  I’ve seen the same behavior in Middletown and Frederick, two small cities in Maryland.

I’d like this crap to stop but I don’t see that happening.  Maybe selfishness is just part of human nature.  I guess the only thing I can do is to change my reaction to bad behavior.  Wish me luck. 

Rant over, thanks for visiting.