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Some Catching Up

I’ve been a little busy lately with medical crap.I feel like my Honda … runs great for having 163,000 miles on it but it’s in the shop more than it used to be and needs lots of tests.

I’m not going into a lot of detail here yet, but some of the health issues that have come up recently (and some that have returned from three years ago) now have been diagnosed.That means I can at least call it something and takes steps toward managing it.More tests and doctor appointments are in my near future plus some new meds I’ve never heard of. Did our parents prepare us for this aspect of aging?That question is mostly for boomers.My parents were in generally good health till their 70s and they seemed to accept health issues, weight gain, etc. as a natural and expected part of aging.I’m a bit of an idealistic rebel, however, in that I expected to have the great health I’ve been blessed with until my 90s.Delusional, I know.Although I call it optimism.

The particular medical issues I am dealing with rig…