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Old Year New Year

There are just over six hours left in 2013, as I write this.  I have plenty to say about the incredible year I have had, but it'll have to wait a day or two.  I am resting up for a night on the town, my first New Year's Eve celebrating in more than ten years.

Meanwhile, I found this.  Enjoy!

So Many Things, So Little Time

Time is not usually my friend, especially around the holidays.  There are so many obligations, so many options for work and play, work-related parties and events, friend and family gatherings.  All of it is wonderful and I am grateful to have so many options.  But it is often overwhelming.

One of many things I have learned during the four-year self-discovery journey I have blogged about is that I am happiest when I take control of my options.  This year has been one of my happiest in years and it is no coincidence that I chose the right collection of options.

I'll be a little light on details in this post, but let me say my Christmas vacation has been incredible so far and it's not even over yet.  It began last week with a visit to see a very good friend in North Carolina.  She has helped me with my journey more than I have words for and it was great to spend time updating our lives since we last saw each other back in the summer.  And I've helped her too. We have each rea…


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Schools and most local and Federal government offices are closed today.  There wasn't as much snow as expected and as of this afternoon, it's done.  Temps in the teens tonight, so driving will suck tonight and tomorrow, but for today it was pretty good.  And quite beautiful.

Hard To Believe It Was 33 Years Ago