Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I don’t seem to have time to do anything, yet I am very busy.  And while some of my activity lately has been work-related and chore-related, much has been fun.  I need to get focused.  Meanwhile, here are a few random observations I’ve been collecting.

The 50th anniversary of the Beatles first concert in the US was this month.  Fifty years?  Really?  Can it be that long ago that they first played live in this country?  The first show was right here in Washington DC at a venue that still exists, although it is some kind of decrepit warehouse now.  There is a movement locally to rehab it.

Valentine’s weekend was my best ever.  No details here, just take my word for it … best ever.

The kitchen at my office is shameful.  The refrigerator is so full that it seems like a family is living in the office.  It’s full of big stuff too, like a large container of orange juice, a carton of eggs (why? there is no stove to cook them on), a week’s supply of lunches.  Often there is not enough room for the small bag containing my lunch.

After many snow storm false alarms this winter, we actually had a major snow storm last week.  Total accumulation around my apartment was more than 16 inches.

I love that I have so many divergent interests.  This week alone: a Russian dance performance last night, a country music concert tomorrow night, wine tasting Sunday followed by watching NASCAR on television.  Last week I went to a Washington Capitals hockey game and a musical play.  Another musical is in my near future.  Oh, and I’m having a wine and cheese party in my apartment soon.  I also suffered from a bad cold during the few days that I wasn’t doing all this other stuff.  By the way I shared all of these activities with someone who has equally divergent interests.  Life is good.

On the other hand, that cold sidelined my trainer workouts.  And I have hardly practiced my guitar in the past three weeks, making my weekly lessons somewhat embarrassing.  Like I said, I need to focus.

Enough randomness for now.  Must get sleep.  Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

OMG I'm Naked

How much do you depend on your mobile device?  I assume you have one because most people do.  Is yours a cell phone which is mostly used as a phone?  Is it a smart phone, which is used for phone, text, email, internet, music, videos and more?  Do you have it with you all the time?

I left mine at work one night recently.  I realized it when I got home and almost went back to get it.  It was such an odd feeling not having it.  I felt naked without it.

We have become so dependent on those devices that we feel disconnected without them.  I couldn’t text the two or three people I text daily, I didn’t know if they or anyone else had texted me.  I emailed them to tell them I didn’t have my phone so they wouldn’t think something bad had happened if I didn’t return their texts that night.  I mentioned it on Facebook.

Many people no longer have home phones because they use their mobile phones for everything.  I am almost one of them.  I have a home phone as part of my internet service but I don’t even know the number.  I never use it and the only calls I receive on it are from telemarketers.  No friend has the number.

Speaking of numbers, do you know anyone’s phone number anymore?  My iPhone contact list has everybody’s number and when I want to call someone, I scroll to their name on the list and push one button.  I do not know any of their numbers.  Are you old enough to remember address books and Rolodexes?  I don’t have either any more.

Telecommunications has undergone some incredible changes in the boomer years.  Growing up, we had one phone in the house, a rotary dial phone that sat on a little shelf in the wall in the hall.  Eventually a typical American house had a phone in nearly every room and often more than one phone line and number in the house.  In my earliest years a typical phone number had 6 digits rather than 7.  For the past decade, a phone call placed within large metropolitan areas with more than one area code require all 10 digits be used.

I like the convenience and versatility of smart phones but it feels just a little uncomfortable when I don’t have it with me in the same room.  It’s a little like being naked in public.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alive and BUSY

The title says it all ... I'm alive and busy.  Crazy busy.  Much of it is a good kind of busy, but I am way over-scheduled, even more than I usually am.  I have written three or four blog posts in my head during the past few weeks but haven't allowed myself the time to sit down and actually write them.  But I will.  Soon.