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Are You Afraid To Die?

This is an interesting question for boomers as we cross life’s 50-yard line and move toward the end zone: are you afraid to die?

If you fear death, is it fear of pain, fear of loss of mental or physical abilities? Or do you fear missing out? Maybe you fear that life can go on without you.

I’m not especially afraid to die; I’ve had a pretty good, interesting and fulfilling life. But I truly want my life to continue forever. It won’t, of course. But how long do I, or any of us, have left?

And are we afraid?

How’s this for coincidence ... as I’m writing this during my lunch break at work, I stumble on a USA Today article about habits that can add years to our lives. According to the story, "the U.S. ranks 43rd in global life expectancy," with the average person making it to 80. What!? Eighty?! That’s less than twenty more years for me. I’m planning my 100th birthday party.

The article outlines some health habits that can add fourteen years. Hmmm, 80 + 14 = 94. That’s better…