Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You Know I Am Usually Happy

If you know me, you know I hate chaos.
You know I hate ambiguity and seek clarity.
You know I am usually diplomatic and respectful.
You know that while I don't seek attention I do hate to be ignored.
You know I am not a genius but I am smarter than average.
You know I think things through and try to consider multiple factors and points of view.
You might not know how much stress I am under when people I work with do not consider the big picture and do not pay attention to my insight into things.
Sometimes I long for the days when I was unfiltered. I often wish I could shout out exactly what I'm thinking (flashback to the beginning of my career when that behavior got my ass fired from 3 of my first 5 jobs) instead of being diplomatic and respectful (which significantly adds to my stress levels).
You know that sometimes I am arrogant and egotistical until I realize that behavior means I am also sometimes a jerk.
You know I think I am right more often than wrong but sometimes that leads to the afore-mentioned arrogance.
So you probably know by reading this that some stuff at work is/was bothering me. Let's just say that it took every ounce of restraint and diplomacy to stay calm one day last week when I had to completely revise something that took a long time to create, because someone didn't believe me and told me to do it one way when I knew it should have been done another way. And the revision, by the way, is how I would have done it in the first place.
Anyway, that was last week; this week is better, so far. Sorry for the negativity in this post. I just had to vent. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many kinds of dogs?  What purpose do they serve?  Why are there more than 160 named breeds plus countless variations?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many birds? What do they do besides fly?  Same question about insects, snakes, flowers, trees.

Trees? Geez! Thousands of types. Why?

What is a hippopotamus for? A lion?  A tiger, a kangaroo, an alligator?

This kind of thought, questioning, leads to the inevitable 'what is the meaning of life?'  Various religions attempt to provide an answer to that question but can you really state a succinct answer?

Do you ever wonder why we live in houses when some of our ancestors lived in tents? Or caves?

Do you wonder how we could exist without the Internet? Electricity?

Why are there more than a dozen planets orbiting the sun? Billions of other suns? What is all this for?

Do you ever wonder if you lose weight after taking a big dump? I mean a really big dump. How much weight?

Do you know there are only twelve notes of music? Do you ever wonder how hundreds of thousands of individual songs can be made from twelve notes?

Billions of books and essays are written in English using combinations of 26 letters. Wow. Ever think about that?

I'm full of questions today. No reason. Just random thinking.

Friday, September 19, 2014


You know that song. It's everywhere.

How do you feel when everything in your life makes you happy? When the stars are all aligned, when you're hitting your professional goals time after time, when your personal life is so incredible that it's hard to believe it's real?

That's me right now.