Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Reflecting

Mom died ten years ago this summer but two personality traits I learned from her seem to be with me every day. 1) I'm a story teller and, like her, I repeat stories a lot. 2) Being over 50 is no excuse to stop learning. She took art lessons in her 50s and 70s; I started guitar lessons last year.

Now that I'm writing this, I remember more similarities. She loved to travel and loved to track hurricanes. Her death was partly related to a post-hurricane evacuation to another part of her state. Today I am watching the weather channel reports of this year's first named tropical storm. You can tell where I learned some of that.  My curiosity about people and my sense of humor are also similar to those characteristics of Mom’s personality.

My mother didn’t always approve of the things I did, especially of the multiple marriages and divorces, but she always loved me and accepted me.  I think she would like a lot about my life right now and I wish she was still here to have a conversation with.

I certainly adopted many of my Dad’s personality traits too, but I am a lot more like Mom on a day to day basis.

To any mothers reading this today, Happy Mother’s Day.  And if your Mom is alive, call her today.  Better yet, visit her.  You both have something to gain from that.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Is it really May 2nd?  And I haven't blogged since March?  What happened to April?

I probably can't really catch up, although much has happened during the past six weeks.  Basically, life is good.  A few medical developments that I'll mention later and work is busier than ever, but my personal life is awesome.  More about that another time too.

It's a warm, sunny Spring day in my part of Maryland this morning.  Even though I am at work as I write this, waiting for a huge audio file to download, I am happy and at peace.  I will return home in about two hours and spend the rest of the day enjoying sunshine and music.  A friend's folk band is playing at a very cool joint in the Georgetown part of DC this afternoon, so I will head down there, check out the music, have some food and adult beverages and maybe stay in that neighborhood a little longer for a walk around the Potomac River.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon on a deck overlooking another river in Maryland, sharing food and conversation with my GF's mother, step Dad, sisters and others; an advance Mother's Day gathering.  I've known the Mother and step Dad for more than a year but this was probably the most time I've spent with them.  We provided the transportation, which meant thirty minutes each way in the car and plenty of one-on-one conversation time.  I enjoyed that.  Great perspectives. Of course, I miss my own Mom, who died ten years ago.  I don't really remember the last Mother's Day I spent with her but I do wish there were more ahead.  I will certainly be thinking about her next Sunday.

OK, the file download is done, time to work.  Many blogs begun in my head and on my computer, so drop by soon for more.  Cheers.