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Random Stuff

Time.Where is it?Where did it go?How do I buy more of it?

Technology.It’s an awesome thing but sometimes it gets in the way.On the advice of an IT guy at work, I succumbed to the incessant reminders that I can upgrade my personal laptop from Windows 8.1, which I don’t really like, to Windows 10.The reminders said all of my stuff would be in the same place.True, except for Internet Explorer, my preferred browser.They’ve got some new thing that I just don’t want to use yet.But finding the old one (old meaning 6 months old) was/is a pain in the ass.
Seasons.Tomorrow is the first day of spring.It is starting to snow as I write this.It won’t be much but I don’t want any.That blizzard in January was enough.Cherry blossoms are starting to bloom here in the DC area and I don’t want them to crawl back into their buds.First day of spring, last day of snow?
MS.Some days I am reluctant to tell people I have multiple sclerosis and then one day I interviewed an MS Society executive on a radio show and…