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Watching Them Cry and Sing

Bad ass music legends shedding tears over being honored, then playing their signature songs.That’s how I’d describe the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame special I’ve been watching on HBO for the last two hours.It reminds me why I love music, all music, all forms of music.

Rock and roll is an umbrella term that encompasses an incredibly wide range of sounds and messages.I’ve been mostly listening to Country and Blues for the past decade but I grew up on everything from the Beatles and the Stones to Motown to doo-wop to classical to jazz to Frank Sinatra.Along the way I added Sting, U2, Madonna, Maroon 5, Van Halen and a lot more to my mental playlist as well as the collection on my iPhone. Miley Cyrus inducting Joan Jett, Stevie Wonder inducting Bill Withers, Fall Out Boys inducting Green Day.Zac Brown playing Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Stevie singing Withers with Bill sitting next to him.

Joan effing Jett!She made the most passionate acceptance speech.“It’s about the music.”I had dinner wi…