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Over the Hill Or On Top Of the Mountain?

The title of this post is borrowed from a quote in an article written by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. In that interview she objects to the often cited phrases '50 is the new 30' and '60 is the new 40'. She says 50 is the new 50, meaning we are redefining what it means to age.

I like that idea, somewhat reluctantly.

Honestly, I'm aging well. People are shocked when they learn my real age because I look and act ten to fifteen years younger that the actual number. More accurately, I look and act younger than the popular perception of people who are my age. And as you can tell by the lack of numerals in this paragraph, I am still reluctant to say the number in public.

The phrase 'over the hill' appears in many 50th birthday cards. We all laugh at that but do boomers feel that the best years are behind us after turning 50? I had two opposing feelings on my 50th birthday. My then wife surprised me by putting fifty candles on the cake. She lit them all and set off t…