Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life Is Good and Other Random Ramblings

So I’ve been pretty busy lately, living the life I have dreamed about for years.  My blogging has taken a back seat to other activities but I am still here and I still plan to post my random ramblings here.  So here are a few observations, in no particular order:

Today is a most beautiful May day in my part of Maryland.  Blue sky, temp in the 70s, sipping java on the patio while having a random conversation with an amazing female friend.

Saw a great country music concert last night with said friend.  Do you know who the singer is if I mention some song titles?  Play It Again, That’s My Kind Of Night, Country Girl Shake It For Me, Crash My Party.

THREE hours!!  That’s how long it took to get to the concert venue last night.  Traffic around here sucks.  Fortunately I like most other aspects of life in this part of the country.

I am a world class procrastinator.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  When I get around to it.

Do you ever wonder if animals communicate like humans do?  I’m reading a Smithsonian Magazine article about a whale that seems to mimic human speech.  I also saw something recently that claims cats only meow when interacting with humans, but not when ‘talking’ with each other.

My Jazzfest poster arrived this week.  Must get it framed soon, along with the 1985 one that is still rolled up in its original tube.  See procrastination comment above.  By the way, when you walk into my apartment, you can’t help but notice that I have a connection with New Orleans.  There are eight framed prints on the walls of my living room and dining nook; six relate to New Orleans.  The other two are from Asheville, another city I am connected to.  The two additional NOLA prints will be sharing the wall space soon.

The message on the other side of the coffee cup in the picture with this post reads: Do what you like, like what you do.  That is a great way to think about life, isn’t it?  I’ll leave you with that thought today.  Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Work - Life Balance

Boomers are often credited with the strong work ethic in our country but I wonder if we boomers are to blame for the insanity related to putting work ahead of our personal lives.

The motto (borrowed from a Jason Aldean song) says 'don't stop till the job gets done.'  I believe in that until it crosses the work/life line.  Just how far are we supposed to go to get a job done when the time spent on that endeavor takes away from time spent with family or time used for charitable purposes?  If the job involves something life or death, that's one thing.  If the job involves something like making radio commercials or managing office workers, that's another.

Here's another motto/question to ponder: work to live or live to work?  Think about that one for a minute.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One Effing Awesome Trip

Awesome, incredible, memorable, fun, exciting.  I’m struggling to find the right words to describe my five days in New Orleans.

A friend and I went there a couple of weeks ago for the first weekend of Jazzfest.  I grew up in New Orleans and I’ve been to Jazzfest a few times, but this was the single best visit to both ever.  I love showing off the city and my friend loved it; she had never been there before.  We had a great time experiencing two days of the festival plus several days of visiting with my family and friends and just hanging out in the most unique city in America.

She now knows first-hand why I love music in the streets, being around water and eating meals that contain rice.  And she loves it when I speak French, even though this is the only French I know:

Translation:  let the good times roll!