Welcome to Boomer Randomness

Welcome to my new blog. As I mentioned in the last post on my first blog, I’ve decided to freshen up this observational outlet. I’ll still be chatting about baby boomer stuff, but I hope to observe other things too, more randomly and more frequently.

This is a creative outlet for me and something I do just for me. It is one of the few things in my life right now that I have total control over. No one else makes the rules and no company owns these thoughts.

One thing about aging that surprises me is that I am now more opinionated than ever while at the same time more respectful of other people’s opinions than in my youth. I think this is a good paradox.

So when I state an opinion, I’ll try to be clear and not beat around the bush. You are always encouraged to comment with your opinion too, even if it’s the opposite of mine.

My life was influenced by the free-spirited rebelliousness of the 1960s, yet I’ve usually leaned toward a ‘by the book’ style. I need to lean the other way a little more.

OK, that’s all for today. Thanks for dropping by. Please visit often.


Ian said…
Got you added to my feed reader. I'm still hanging around, Bernie. :)
Bernie said…
Thanks, Ian. You're one of my 12 faithful readers. I still visit you too, but not as oftern as I should. I'll drop by in a little while.