Hotel Delawhere

Try booking a hotel room in Dover, Delaware for the weekend of September 27th.

Dover in-the-middle-of-freakin-nowhere-and-hours-from-the-ocean-or-most-other-interesting-vacation-destinations Delaware. Seven months from now.

Not available. Not available. Not available. Not available.

Yes, I realize that is a NASCAR weekend. Why else would I want to book a room in Dover, Delaware seven months from now?

I do this to myself every year, although I usually don’t think about booking a room there for the September race until I’m watching the May race on television. Yeah, Dover is only 4 hours from here! Of course I need a room for a few nights so I don’t have to get up at sunrise, drive four hours, drink beer and breathe Sonoco Racing Fuel fumes all day while damaging my ear drums and vocal chords shouting “Go Jimmie” then drive four hours back home all on the same day.

So I’m thinking about this on February 28th. No rooms on Travelocity, no rooms on the individual hotel reservation sites. This is more difficult than booking a room with a view at the Grand Canyon.

Maybe I should book now for 2010.