Five-oh and Six-oh

Nearly all of us eventually reach those “zero year” milestones of 50 and 60. If it makes you feel old, seeing celebrities age helps prove there is justice in the world. Thanks to Rhea for her monthly reminder of who is next.

Singer Irene Cara (who sang the Fame lyric “I’m gonna live forever”), actors Tom Arnold and Aiden Quinn, OJ sidekick and fake celebrity Kato Kaelin, and male model Fabio are all turning 50 this month.

Singer Eddie Money, Cars member Ric Ocasek, Dallas star Patrick Duffy and CHIPS star Eric Estrada all hit the 60 mark this month.

Talk about March Madness!


I think these "oh" years are filled with opportunity. Don't know about anyone else, but I feel more beautiful after 60 and am much happier. Remember .. the alternative ain't so good.
Ann Fry
Merelyme said…
ya know...this does make me feel better. I need to rent that movie Fame...I loved that movie as a teen. Good to see you Bernie...hope you are doing okay.
velvet said…
Found you! (thanks for leaving your other blog up or I'd have been scratching my head when I finally came back and wondering where you'd gone!) I agree that it's pretty interesting to see celebrities proving that the march of time stops for nobody. :-)