To Self-Checkout or Not Self Checkout, That Is The Question

My regular grocery store has all live checkers. I went to a different grocery last Saturday and was surprised to find that six of the seven open checkouts were self checkouts. They each had one customer checking out. There were at least eight of us in line at the one checkout with the human checker. We laughed over this as we waited in that slow-moving line.

Is there some kind of psychology involved with this? I know I sound old-school even admitting that I hate self-serve checkouts. In most aspects of my life, I’d rather do things myself. But when given the choice, I usually pick the checkout staffed with a person, in part because there is so often a problem requiring human intervention at the self checkouts.

The long line today seems to validate my point; or at least it reaffirms my belief that I’m not alone in my dislike for self checkout.

Your thoughts?


elizinashe said…
I would much rather have a real person check me out even if I'm in a hurry. I suppose it's the people contact. If I'm feeling really impatient and have cash I go to the self-check out. Otherwise, I'd rather go to the normal checkout line. Gives me an excuse to chat with a 'stranger' and exchange plesantries. Sometimes the old way is much more productive in many realms.