Totally Random 1.0

I love Discovery Channel. Did you know a grizzly can eat 40,000 moths in a day?

Mother Nature is such a tease! Ten degrees Monday night, 73 degrees Saturday afternoon; neither is normal. I don’t understand her any more than I understand any other women I know.

A baby boomer remembers when a telephone, a camera, a music player, a computer and a typewriter were all separate devices, each weighing five to thirty pounds and only available at five different stores in a shopping mall. A twenty-five year old has all five of those items in one device the size of a pack of cigarettes and he or she bought it without leaving home.

Why are all the female anchors on the Fox New Network buxom blondes?

Who decided black is a good color for a car? A black car certainly does look good when it’s clean; but in my experience, that only happens during the first ten minutes after exiting the car wash. I was warned.