That Guy, You Know, uhhh, What's His Name?

This has probably happened to you at some point ... you know the voice on that radio commercial belongs to someone famous, but you can't remember his name.

The moment I heard his rich, elegant voice on the way home today, I knew it was, uhhh ... you know, that actor. I could picture him like he was sitting next to me as my brain struggled to access his name during my whole 50-minute ride home.

It's the guy, you know, who had a major role in Shawshank Redemption.

Memory aids rambled through my head ... and he played the lead in that movie about the inner city high school principal.

Orson Wells? No, this guy is still alive.

Denzel Washington? Right color, wrong age. This guy is older.

A lapse in recall can happen at any age, but it is more scary when you're over 50 because it conjures up images of growing old, of experiencing the poorly-named phenomenon called a 'senior moment,' or worse, Alzheimer's. Forgetting an actor's name, or where you put your keys, is no big deal when it only happens once in awhile.

Oscar something? No.

Fred something? No, but I'm sure it's something with an "F" in it.

I had nearly given up, when I sat at the computer and started to type G o o g l ... Morgan Freeman! That's it ... MORGAN FREEMAN!! See, something with an "F" in it.

Whew! One small step for man, one giant leap for memory.

OK, poor attempt at a humorous end, using that quote from, uhhh, you know ... the astronaut, uhhh, his name is something with an "A" ... uhhh ....