Sad Week in Boomerville

Three celebrities who were a big part of Boomer life died this week, two of them on the same day.

Ed McMahon wasn’t a Boomer, but he was part of a television show we all watched. He came into our homes every night on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. “Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!!” became part of our language.

Farrah Fawcett was one of our angels as much as one of Charlie’s Angels, although Boomer males had somewhat more devilish thoughts about her. She died this morning at age 62, which means she was a Boomer too. That poster picture is more than 30 years old, yet it is still instantly recognized by Boomers.

And Michael Jackson is a music icon whose career spans our own coming of age. He died today at age 50, making him a Boomer too. I will not miss the oddity he had become, but I still love his music. I bought the Thriller album twice over the years, originally on vinyl and later on CD. The song Thriller is still one of my all time favorite songs.