Two Georges Who Make Aging Look Good

Former President George Bush (the older, smarter Bush) celebrated his 85th birthday with an endeavor that is now a tradition for him. He went skydiving. This was the third time he did it on a birthday; he jumped two other times in recent years and once during World War II when his plane was shot down.

Clearly, he does not let age get in the way of doing things he wants to do. His post-landing walking looked a little unsteady … in fact, I think he regularly uses a cane now … but he is still strong enough to do a tandem skydive. Bravo!!

Country singer George Strait keeps scoring number one songs in a career that now spans more than 25 years. The chart-topping part of a typical country music career usually lasts only five or six years. George is now 57 years old and he seems to have the physique of a twenty-something. This picture was taken yesterday.

I’m the other guy in the photograph. I am also fifty-something. I should have asked him for fitness advice instead of my lame “how’s the tour going” question during the thirty seconds I spent with him.

I don’t know if these coincidences have anything to do with their creative aging, but …

- both men are named George,
- both live in Texas,
- both are military veterans,
- both are physically active (Bush with skydiving, among other things, Strait rides horses and Harleys),
- both are in long-term marriages.

I do not plan to take up either singing or skydiving, but I do look at both of these guys as role models for successful aging.


Linda V. said…
How cool is this!!! I love George Strait, and there you are with him!!!!
Some do age well, without letting age in the way. One of my pet-sitting clients called in January to book me because they wanted to go skiing in Door County - they are in their 70s! Guess we both have to reconsider what it means to be middle-aged and aging My love to you & M!