Confidence and Doubt

I just saw a TV commercial that started with these two sentences: “We all have confidence” and “We all have doubt.” OK, it was a Gilette razor commercial; but the opening sentences are good food for thought.

Confidence, self-assurance, a strong sense of who we are and what we can do, strength without arrogance.

Doubt, insecurity, a nagging feeling that we are not measuring up, fear of taking action because of fear of rejection or ridicule.

Which of those word blocks describes or defines you? I’m guessing both, at one time or another. I’ve been in both and often have lived with both in equal measures. Years ago, I leaned more toward doubt; now I lean much more toward confidence.

When I catch myself slipping, I can often make an immediate adjustment. You can too.

It’s all about attitude. It’s all about paying attention to the feedback you get from other people. It’s all about self-awareness. It has nothing to do with Gilette razors.

Fortunately, the older I get the more confident I feel. I hope that is your fate too.