The Cousin Party

My cousins are still as cool as I thought they were when we were kids. My sister and I are the youngest, so most of them are in their 50s and, uhhh, 60s. Some are grandparents.

This motley crew used to get together for every holiday and special occasion.

We met for a family lunch last Sunday at my sister’s house. This is the first time I’ve seen them since my Mother’s funeral four years ago. We told and retold stories. We probably bored their spouses, one daughter and a grandson. That grandson took this picture.

Note that the male cousin and I were acting a little bit like we did when we were the grandson’s age.

We talked some old school shit but we also talked about careers, computers, our lives today and what some of the other family members were up to.

This four hour party was the perfect wrap-up for my stay in New Orleans.


Merelyme said…
hey there Bernie! LOL...what great are the comedian in the back i see. New That is one place I have never been to.

anyways...good to see you!