Now Comes The Hard Part

My road trip to New Orleans this year was my best vacation ever.

Some of the reasons are spread out over the past several posts, but the main reason is that I feel great. I feel relaxed and recharged, I have a better sense of who I am, I’ve adopted more of a ‘live in the moment’ attitude than is my norm, I made a new friend, rekindled old friendships, bonded with my sister and several cousins and only screamed obscenities to three drivers during the entire last traffic-jammed hour into DC.

The challenge is to maintain this peaceful, easy feeling as I dive back into the fray.

I have often returned from a wonderful vacation only to have the positivity erased during the first few hours back at work. This time I am determined to remain in this state of euphoria for a long time. When I caught myself slipping a couple of times as I got closer to home, I mentally shouted “Stop!” That actually worked, in part because I then laughed at myself for using such a silly technique.

I drove straight from Asheville to the office today, worked for a few hours, and still feel great!

And speaking of living in the moment – I’m going to stop writing and go play with one of my dogs.