Random Observations About Facebook

Facebook is a great way to reconnect with old friends.

Facebook is a very efficient time sucker!

Sometimes I learn more about people I know from reading their Facebook pages than I do from actual face-to-face conversations.

Do I really want to know the minute-to-minute status of my 132 FB friends?

Wow, do I really have 132 friends?

Yesterday, I got a friend request from someone who seems to know me. He included a comment indicating we knew each other at a specific previous job. We have several friends in common, mostly from that time in my life. I don’t remember him at all.

It is easy to forget that your boss and your boss’s boss are also Facebook friends.

Why do some people on Facebook include the year in their birthday and a complete address and phone number? Isn’t that just asking for trouble?

I’ve never had a My Space page and I don’t plan to tweet on Twitter.

Some people change their profile picture every few weeks, or days. I’m still using the same one I started with five months ago. Something must be wrong with me.

The word friend is now also a verb.


elizinashe said…
I was skeptical about facebook for a really long time. However I did join and have not regretted it. I have found dear friends from school that I have lost contact with including a guy who claims that he had a HUGE crush on me 20yrs ago and still does!?!
It is very much a time suck. But I do find it fun and it's a way to keep in touch with your peeps who live far away. Now if I get one of those phones where I can upload mobile comments throughout my day then sign me up for a 12-step program!
Bernie said…
Several co-workers have those phones and are uploading several times a day and night. I'm fairly open about my life but not that open.