Road Trip Randomness 1

- I really did play "On The Road Again" on my iPod as I pulled out of the driveway to begin this long-overdue road trip.

- The more distance that I put between me and home the more “me” I become. Why is that? I must find out!

- Western North Carolina is beautiful! Layer and layer after layer of tree-covered mountain ridges slice the sky in scallop-like patterns, green and blue-green, receding to gray-green as far as the eye can see and beyond.

- Asheville has a great vibe. It’s the kind of city you can describe using the word vibe. Other words that come to mind: karma, mellow, hippie, artist, multi-cultural, old, new, at a crossroads, deco, funky.

One of Asheville's deco buildings

This guy really was playing a harp on the street

- One of the undiscovered gems of Asheville is my blogger friend known to her readers as 'eliz in asheville'. I finally met her face-to-face and she graciously played tour guide. She has a great vibe too.

"Eliz" mimicking one of Asheville's street statues

- Asheville is the kind of place where I could live but could not make a living. If feels like home, but I’d have to spend more time there to decide if it could ever be home.


elizinashe said…
great pics & a great post. too bad you didn't use the 'crazy face'.
Bernie said…
LOL - big temptation to use that picture but I thought you'd put it on yours first.