Road Trip Randomness 2

- Eating my way through the south … sausage and spinach pizza, Thai, Irish, taco salad, free hotel breakfast, McDonalds fries, Chinese … but no ‘southern’ food yet. I’m writing this sentence in Alabama, so there must be some BBQ or fried chicken or fried okra around here somewhere!! And the New Orleans food is still ahead. Yummy!

- This is the most remarkable weather I’ve ever seen on a vacation. Sunny with highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s every day so far.

- My watch is in my suitcase … a very liberating feeling.

- One point of this vacation – any vacation really – is to disconnect from work. But I did do one work thing. A public relations guy who represents recording artists asked me to interview Jeff Cook, a member of the country group Alabama. The band retired in 2004 and each member is working on solo projects. Usually this would be a phone interview but I was driving right through their hometown Ft. Payne anyway, so we had the interview there. In fact, we recorded it in the town park, fifty feet from some bigger-than-life statues that the town built for them a couple of years ago. It’s hard to call that half hour of my vacation work, isn’t it?

Jeff Cook next to his statue in the park at Ft. Payne

- I had a dream back in the 1970s of taking a year off and living on the road. Making a living got in the way. A lot of seniors are on the road now, living in their RVs. Boomers often think of doing that in their/our future, but we don’t necessarily want to wait till we’re in our 70s to live that dream. Problem is, we/I can’t really justify that fantasy in our 50s.

- I’m over-thinking again. Time to live in the moment again. Computer off, engine on. Zydeco on the iPod.


elizinashe said…
I'm enjoying your road trip updates. keep us all posted and by all means leave the watch in the suitcase! hope to see more pics too!
Bernie said…
Thanks. More pix coming as soon as I figure out how to connect my laptop to my sister's network. Should be easy but it isn't.