Road Trip Randomness 3

- Vaca days 1, 2 and 3 – perfect weather. Days 4, 5 and 6 – rain. Day 7 – better, but HOT AS HELL here – humid too.

Not much river traffic today - just this tug

- July is the slow summer tourist month here because it is so hot and humid, but this week there are 36,000 youth group volunteers in town, helping with the ongoing Katrina recovery efforts. It’s, like, crowded here? Like, there are thousands of teens, like, finishing sentences like they were, like, questions? And, um, I’ve heard the word “like” like 500 times?

- I finally had my ‘southern’ meal a few days ago in Vicksburg, Mississippi … catfish, fried okra, corn bread … and a popular country music song called “Chicken Fried” was coming out of the speakers.

- I had one of my “New Orleans” meals for lunch today, a local favorite sandwich called a muffaletta. I don’t know all the ingredients, but the basics include two or three kinds of ham, cheese, a salad of sorts, all on a specific kind of bread that is a little like sour dough covered in sesame seeds.

Muffaletta, one of many spellings. Locally pronounced moo-fuh-LAH-tuh

- New Orleans, like Asheville, has a good vibe, but it is a unique vibe. Other words that describe Noo Awlins … funky, rhythmic, hot, lazy, friendly, stubbornly and fiercely loyal to rebuilding itself, jazzy, drunk.