Road Trip Winding Down

I’m starting my return trip tomorrow. Usually I’m depressed at this point because vacation is nearly done. But this time, I’m feeling good.

This has been one of my best vacations ever because of people as much as places. I made a new friend who I believe will be a friend for life. I spent time with old friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen in decades, and have re-written those friendships. I spent quality time with my sister and some of her friends who have become my friends too over the years. I spent good, fun time with two sets of cousins.

Isn’t it interesting how we call it ‘spending’ time? Not the same ‘spend’ as spending money, but in some ways it is – if we invest time with friends and family, we reap rewards that have more value than anything money can buy.

Here is something else that is different about this trip: I am so relaxed and have a strong feeling that I will still be relaxed when I jump back into the insanity that defines my “normal” life. I set out on a mission of self-discovery, a solo journey to test drive a new me – or at least a modified me – a me that is closer to the me I want to be.

I laugh as I re-read that last sentence because I’m also trying to be a less analytical me and yet I’m analyzing the hell out of me – but during the last week I really have measurably reduced my tendency to over-think.

And instead of thinking about some snappy, profound conclusion to this post, connecting the past to the future, I’ll just stop writing. Living in the present is part of the modified me.