Songs to Check Out

I just modified my songs list (scroll down the left column).

If your usual reaction to the words 'country music' involves laughter, a smirk or an involuntary rolling of the eyes, listen to a few of those songs.

"The Good Stuff" and "Hell Yeah" are great stories that take place in a bar, "Ticks" and "Online" show off Brad Paisley's warped sense of humor, "Kiss a Girl" is a recent Keith Urban song (he's my current fave because he's so damn good).

"I'm Alive" is a duet with Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews (Dave fans, and you know who you are, check it out), "Thriller" is just a good song, "Trouble Man" is a cool blues tune from a local artist, "Don't Blink" is a great 'life is short' story, "Clocks" is my favorite Coldplay song (and in case you thought for just a split second I'm cool because I have that song on the list - truth is it's the only Coldplay song I know by name) and "Don't Bring Me Down" is a little time travel vehicle for me.