… health … makes me sick

The full title of this post is “all this angry debate over health care reform makes me sick.”

First of all, how can anyone who has ever attempted to make a medical insurance claim think our country doesn’t need health care reform?

Second, the same brand of politician who jumped at approving legislation allowing our country to invade Iraq when Iraq wasn’t really the threat now says we have to take our time with health care reform. Take our time? Who are they kidding? Health care reform was ‘priority one’ for a newly elected President in 1993 and sixteen years later we still don’t have it. We’ve taken too much time already.

On one hand, this President’s goal to pass health care reform before the August Congressional recess was unrealistic and some of his proposals shouldn’t be part of the reform. On the other hand, setting an aggressive goal accelerated the pace of discussion and means that an acceptable compromise might actually happen this year. Waiting another sixteen years is not an option.

Third, how dare Rush Limpbough compare any action by this administration to nazis! This is the same a-hole who wants the administration to fail. That is a very un-American attitude if you ask me. But he does have the right to say those things in public ... which reminds me that fighting to uphold the concept of free-speech is definitely a challenge sometimes.

Fourth, some useful government-backed programs we now take for granted began with controversial proposals and heated debate … Social Security, Medicare, etc. Those programs began with good intentions and have had largely positive results. Problems with those programs involve bureaucratic mismanagement more than philosophical issues. It seems that no administration has figured out how to efficiently manage those programs – there is an opportunity for reform!

The good news about all of this debate is that Representatives and Senators might actually read this legislation, word for word, start to finish. That increases the possibility of getting it right.

I’m not suggestion we stop the debate. I am suggesting we address the issues in our debates and stop attacking personalities.


elizinashe said…
so tell us how you really feel....