It Is What It Is

This living in the moment thing is still new for me.

A Boomer habit (or is it just my habit?) is to make everything mean something. But sometimes (maybe many times) some things should just ‘be.’

Here is a paragraph of perspective that caught my eye in Richard Carlson’s “Stop Thinking, Start Living”:

You can’t enjoy your life if you are analyzing it; you can’t smell the roses if you are running past them; you can’t enjoy new people if you prejudge them; you can’t have fun doing simple things if you are thinking about how stupid they are; you can’t be relaxed if you are worried about what might happen; you can’t enjoy your work if you are comparing yourself to others; and you can’t even enjoy your weekends or holidays if you are walking around generating concerns all day long.

Another way to look at life can be summed up in this simple sentence that I’ve heard often from my boss Meg and more recently from my friend Leahe: it is what it is.

No excuse for not smelling these roses - they're in my front yard!