Late Nite Survey

I saw this on another blog (Eliz in Asheville) more than a year ago and decided to answer the questions too. But I don’t think I ever published it. So I went through the questions again and changed a few answers from my original attempt. And now I am actually posting it.

1. Where do you wish you could be right now? Walking along the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, holding hands with a woman, enjoying a sunrise.

2. What is one thing that you’ve always wanted to do/try but were always afraid to do? Snow ski.

3. What makes you feel good about yourself? When something I do helps someone else feel good about themselves.

4. What are you most proud of? Being involved in an annual radiothon for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

5. What are you not so proud of? I don’t really have an answer for that one.

6. What do you do to relax? Photography, write poetry, listen to music.

7. What makes you laugh? Good friends. Also performances by Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy or Bob Newhart

8. What is your dream job? I already have a dream job in which I create audio magic for radio stations, play country music DJ on Saturday mornings and host a weekly community issues radio show in Washington DC. But if I couldn’t have that one, I want to host a radio show on a national network (which I’ve sort of done) or be a professional photographer.

9. What is the worst job you ever had? Stocker at a car parts warehouse

10. What is one quality about one or both of your parents you wish you had? My Dad’s ability to save money for the future and my Mom’s near fearlessness when it came to asking personal questions.

11. What is one quality about yourself that you’re glad that you have? I usually really am the nice guy I seem to be.

12. What is the air speed velocity of an unlaiden swallow? OK, I totally don’t get this (although I believe this is a Monty Python reference, which would explain why I don’t get it)

13. What is the happiest memory you have from childhood? Summer vacations with the family.

14. What is the happiest memory you have from adulthood? It’s a tie between my trip to Arizona/Utah a few years and my road trip to New Orleans this year.

15. Neil Diamond or Barry Manilow? Neil Diamond, if those are my only two choices

16. What is your favorite kind of music? Blues and country! But I really like every kind of music.

17. If you could see anyone in concert, past and/or present, who would it be? Present: Garth Brooks again. Past: Hendrix

18. What was the first concert you ever saw? The Beach Boys

19. What was the last concert you have seen? Keith Urban

20. Who is the most interesting person you have met? I can’t pick just one, so my list would include these people, in no particular order: Gavin MacLoed (the captain on Love Boat), singer/entertainer Roy Clark and my friends Farimah, Linda, Sherry, Melanie and Leahe.

21. If you were to throw a party with a ‘theme’, what would your theme be? Something tropical or something musical

22. How do you ‘take’ your coffee? Cream or half n half.

23. Which was scarier: Poltergiest or Amityville Horror? OK, I’m the only person who has never seen either.

24. Do you like spinach? Yes!

25. What is your favorite kind of fruit? Peaches

26. What are you currently reading? “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch

27. Most embarrassing moment? I was an altar boy and for some reason I stopped short just as we were walking out at the beginning of a Mass, causing the priest to bump into me and drop everything he was carrying. He had to pick it all up and start over.

28. What annoys you? Inconsiderate drivers.

29. What is the most ridiculous question that you have been asked? (doesn’t necessarily pertain to this survey) I don’t really know.

30. If you were to come back in another life, what would you want to accomplish, do or be? A successful photographer, musician or songwriter who could touch people’s lives and make a great living at it too.

OK, you should answers these on your blog and tell me where it is.


elizinashe said…
hey thanks for playing! (one year later...). I've got a lyric quote for ya
'what I want is what I not got. what I need is all around me."
DMB Dancing Nancies.
put that in your pipe and smoke it. ;)