Still Positive

The post-vacation positivity is eroding just a little bit, but this is still mostly present and for the longest amount of time it has ever lasted for me, even longer than after my Grand Canyon trip eight years ago.

The whole point of a vacation is to take a break from the norm, to give yourself a chance to recharge. But sometimes the smiles turn to frowns in the middle of the first day back at work. I’ve experienced that many times.

But this ten-day jaunt represents some kind of turning point on my self-discovery journey. My general confidence level about life has been on the rise for several years, but I have still struggled to be the ‘me’ I want to be. I’ve locked myself into other people’s limited image of me and often hesitate to break out. During the ten days since I returned home, however, I’ve maintained much of the ‘new me.’

As long as I’m being totally egocentric in this post, let me say one more thing about me … actually this is a self-description from my Facebook profile:

Simple yet complex, clear yet confusing, idealistic and practical, close and distant, equally at home picking a flower or wielding a chainsaw ... what you see is usually what you get but expect surprises.

Kind of sums it up. I’m just trying to show more of the whole range, so people aren’t so surprised when they see something they didn’t expect.

OK, next post will be about something else. I promise.