Totally Random 2.0

- I had a convertible once … for a month back in the 80s … a restored 60s era GTO that was grand prize in a contest. I was in charge of the contest and part of my job was to drive the car around and show it off. Cool job, ey?

- Sometimes I open the windows and sunroof of my shiny black sedan and pretend it’s a convertible.

- A lot of guys see T&A first. I see eyes, lips and legs first. Everything else is a pleasant bonus. Personality trumps looks; if both are present … mmm mmm mmm !

- The walrus is Paul.

- I don’t like grumpy grocery store checkers at my local Safeway and will often get in a different line to avoid one. Their job isn’t glamorous, but it is a job; stop complaining. That is the only grocery store in the area that doesn’t have self-check … yet.

- This is my first full work week after the totally awesome vacation. Let’s see if the good mood continues. I’m optimistic it will.