Totally Random 2.5

Here is another round of random stuff I've been thinking about:

- I don’t feel the least bit guilty that I’m spending a four-day weekend home alone this weekend. Well, not totally alone; the oldest dog is here too. The rest of the ‘family’ is at an out-of-town dog show.

- Wow, I’ve posted several times a week for several weeks now. Seems like the less I try, the more I succeed.

- A friend told me just last week that I seem to be trying too hard (my self-discovery project). She’s right.

- Keith Urban is one of my favorite performers of any music genre. He a singer, writer, exceptional guitarist, decent pianist, cares about the music and the fans, women say he looks good, men say ‘damn, he wakes up with Nicole Kidman every day.’ Saw his concert last night in DC – great show!!

- Car brands and models come and go, but you can still buy a brand new Mustang, Charger or Malibu, which are all models from boomer youth. Of course, Mustang is the only that has been in continuous production since then.

- I’m usually such an easy-going guy that people are surprised when I’m pissed. Even more surprised when I don’t back down in an argument or change my mind about a decision.

- My favorite Santana song is “Oye Coma Va.” I heard it in a VISA commercial yesterday. I hate when that happens.

- If salaries were based on the importance of the job, teachers and nurses would make a lot more money than they do; bank executives would make a lot less. Teachers of math, science and music would get a bonus, as would nurses who work with children and anyone with the patience to work with patients in a psych ward.


Linda V. said…
Don't forget firefighters & police, they willingly get into the thick of life-threatening events to protect us and our property. Basketball players and other sports brats would make a lot less!

I love Mustangs!
elizinashe said…
let's hope that you saying for us peeps who work with other peeps on a psy ward should be paid more jinxes me into a raise!
and you get a gold star for adding Groove is in the Heart to your song list. I love that song! It was just too grooveylicious when it came out!
Bernie said…
Linda - I should have included them too. Wasn't you father in that line of work?

Eliz-you definitely deserve a raise for your job. They're lucky to have you. And didn't I read somewhere that you like that song? -:) One of my faves from the era too.