Losing It, Again

Each of the past three years began with my resolution to lose twenty pounds. Each year I let something get in the way of achieving that goal. I did lose five pounds one year and gained it back a few months later.

This year might be different. I have lost five pounds in the past four weeks. I’m hitting my exercise goals and have a pretty good handle on dietary balance and portion control. I’m not an especially big guy, but I do weigh about 20 pounds more than I should for my height.

I hesitate to put the numbers out here because that strategy didn’t work last time (and the time before and …), but here they are: consistent weight for the last three years: 200. Ideal weight for my height: 175-180. This week: 195. Goal: 180 by New Year’s Day. That means losing about one to two pounds a week, which I believe is realistic.

I’ll keep you posted. If I don’t, then remind me.