Ocean City Off-Season Randomness

No crowds, no waiting for anything, no noisy parties, no guests in the rooms on either side of me.

Not much is open. It was more difficult to find a restaurant for breakfast than I anticipated. I almost stopped at McDonalds but found a local, non-franchise place just in time.

I like to travel alone but I also like to share. So I’ve shared by way of cell phone pix, emailed photos and posting pictures on this blog. Check my photo blog soon for more shots.

Stress-relief and picture-taking were my only goals for this short trip and I’ve hit my goals.

This place is just over three hours from home. I must come here more often!


elizinashe said…
dig the shoe pic. gee...where did you get your inspiration for this one? haha...wish I could be there. have fun.
Bernie said…
... and a sign just out of frame says the space to the left is for Birkenstocks Only.