Sell ‘Em

I went to a Washington Redskins game today for only the second time in the 25 years I’ve lived near DC. The seats were great; got them from my boss. Traffic was no problem, thanks to an alternate route suggested by the guy who went with me to the game.

But we lost to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs! And check out this math: the final score was 14-6 but neither team scored a touchdown. Washington scored two field goals! Kansas City scored four field goals and a safety!! Have you ever seen a safety in an NFL game? Geez

I did enjoy the day, however. The boss’s seats were on the Club level, which means the concession area is enclosed. Good thing – it was cloudy, windy and in the 40s. And we avoided the post-game traffic nightmare by taking advantage of restaurant choices on Club level – we chose Hooters.

A few other observations:

We were surrounded by a sea of burgundy and gold … not fans dressed in team colors but lots of empty burgundy and gold seats. A lot of fans stayed home and more than half of those who did attend left early in the fourth quarter.

Me and my friend Darrin, in the middle of 4th quarter - note the empty seats

Funniest line of the day, heard in the Men’s room: after the announcer said that quarterback Jason Campbell would be replaced in the second half by Todd Collins, one guy shouted “why don’t you replace him with PHIL Collins? It couldn’t be any worse!”

The KC player who kicked their four field goals is Ryan Succop … pronounced ‘suck up.’ The stadium announcer seemed to put just a little sarcastic spin each time he said the name.

Best cheer of the day, screamed out by a whole section of fans at half-time: Sell the team! Sell the team! Sell the team! (In case you don’t follow this, many fans believe the team problems are mostly caused by owner Dan Snyder).

Despite the loss and other oddities today, I do plan to go to a game again one day … especially if I can get Club level tickets again.


Lee said…
I am soooo JEALOUS!!! I have wanted to go to Skins game for so long! I got to go under RFK stadium once, and I took pictures of it from a distance but my school group wouldn't even take me to the stadium to see it. LOL! I don't think I'll ever get to see them play ... Poor poor Redskins...I keep the faith.