Another Perspective

Twenty years ago I did a lot of ‘self-help’ exploration. I read books and articles and listened to tapes. That six-month period of self examination began a positive pattern that continues to this day. The two biggest influences were Alan Loy McGinnis’s book “The Power of Optimism” and, are you ready for this, the Tony Robbins “Personal Power” series. Sometimes Robbins is as obnoxious in those cassettes as he was in the infomercials, but much of the advice was solid and effective.

The biggest takeaway: you get what you focus on!

Lately I have focused on the gloominess of winter and my occasional holiday depression. I wrote a pretty depressing post about it on this blog recently and I posted some very gloomy pictures on another blog.

Upon reading all of that, a dear friend reached out to remind me that there is more to winter than short days and dead trees. She provided me with a different perspective and some other aspects of winter to focus on: such as curling up with a good movie, eating stick-to-your-ribs food, watching that beautiful first snow, throwing a beach-themed party.

Oh, in that same email she called me a melodramatic poophead. Fortunately, in other emails she has called me a warmhearted man and she says she enjoys our friendship as much as I do. So I guess I’m a warmhearted poophead friend.

I like that … it’s an interesting perspective. :)

My holiday depression will still come and go this season, but thanks to her and other friends, maybe the blues visits will be short.


And now that I’m in a better mood, I posted some pictures on my photo blog showing off a more cheerful focus on fall.


elizinashe said…
good post, great pic. I'm glad to see a more jovial warmhearted melodramatic poophead is still around and overthinking. ;)
Bernie said…
overthinking? me?? hahaha