Cookie Monster Turns 40

I can’t believe I let this go by without a comment. Cookie Monster turned 40 a few weeks ago!

The milestone made national news. This friendly monster is a television icon as well as an educational icon. His influence, along with that of his Sesame Street cast mates, is an indelible part of growing up for people in at least two generations.

Cookie Monster has taught many lessons and I think he is a good role model for my thirtysomething friends who fear turning forty … look at how good he still looks!

In the era of health-conscious eating, even a cookie monster has to adapt and get creative. During the past year he has been extolling the value of eating fruits and vegetables and mostly avoiding the cookies. Childhood obesity is a growing problem and Sesame Street has always been an effective teaching tool, evolving along with societal changes, so this new attitude makes sense.

But don’t we all still like cookies?

So I’ve got two words for Cookie Monster when it comes to combining the health benefits of veggies with the taste of something sweet: carrot cake.


velvet said…
I like cookies...and cupcakes, of course. Well, happy birthday to cookie monster!
Bernie said…
Wow! Velvet - you're still alive!! Thanks for visiting. I'm going to check your blog right now.