Getting an award for doing the right thing

Getting an award for doing the right thing – how cool is that?

During a recent annual awards ceremony, the Washington Regional Alcohol Program honored me and my radio stations for spreading the word, but they deserve major kudos for effectively dealing with alcohol abuse in the Washington DC region.

They conduct education programs for adults and teens, in schools and businesses. They lobby lawmakers in Maryland, Virginia and DC for stronger anti drunk-driving legislation. And they have helped remove more than 44,000 would-be drunk drivers from local roadways during the past sixteen years through their Sober Ride free taxi service on selected holidays. And they do it all with a paid staff of only three people! The rest is done with volunteers and great partnerships with sponsors and law enforcement agencies.

I’m thankful for the award, but all I’ve done is given them an audience. W.R.A.P. does the hard work.