Totally Random 3.0

You might be able to call this post 'sex, drugs and rock & roll.'

- I saw a TV commercial today for a drug used to treat acid reflux. It’s called aciphex. Would you use a product pronounced ass-effects? What were they thinking?

- Saw this one in Consumer Reports: a sleep aid product called Calms Forte. Look at the picture: on the box are the words “Non-Drowsy Formula.” A non-drowsy sleep aid?

- The Beatles Rock Band, an interactive Wii game, is now available. Think about this: most people who buy Wii games are in their twenties or teens. Some of their parents are in their upper thirties or lower forties. The Beatles broke up in 1970. If you have any doubt about the lingering power of the Beatles, just do the math.

- Paul McCartney could be your father. Or grandfather.

- Back to drugs for a moment … have you ever heard the disclaimers in ads for prescription drugs? Especially the one relating to risks involved with a certain condition that could last for four hours. You know what I’m talking about. Is the risk because of the condition or because of what you might attempt to do with that condition for four hours?

- While putting those last random thoughts together, a slightly disturbing image popped into my head: Hugh Hefner and his seven live-in girlfriends.

- The bookends in the picture are two of his current girlfriends, 20-year-old twins. Hef is 83. OK, a fiftysomething and a thirtysomething might be a stretch but it’s not odd. An eightysomething and a twentysomething? That’s just odd.

- I’m all for no-limits aging, but there really are some limits.


elizinashe said…
can we say 'ironic'? or would it be oxymoron? speaking of morons what are those 20 year olds thinking? oh yeah, money,money,money and maybe some fame before they're kicked out.