Veterans Day Sale

Have you ever wondered why there are holiday sales even on holidays that are not associated with gift-giving?

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter – all have natural gift-giving components. Hanukkah too, for children. But Memorial Day and Independence Day? No. Veteran’s Day? No gifts. In fact, many of the veterans gave us the gift of freedom.

Yet there are Memorial Day Sales, Independence Day Sales and Veterans Day Sales. I don’t really understand why there are happy ads about discounts on shoes, furniture and cars on a day set aside to honor sacrifices made to ensure our freedom.

And this one is even more disturbing: the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Sale. Twenty years ago I was employed in a workplace that was ninety-five percent African American. That holiday was relatively new then and a black co-worker predicted that we’d see King Day sales one day. We laughed about a potential commercial announcing the department store sale in the house wares department, specifically bed sheets. My laugh was a bit more hesitant than his. This past January I saw a television ad for just such a sale. I wonder what his take is on that now.

So on this day, Veteran’s Day, honor those who have served in our armed forces. And while you’re out, get twenty percent off on winter apparel at …..